Which is a Better DSLR Canon or Nikon in Pakistan India

Which is a Better DSLR  camera in the market
Hi friends I hope you’re doing good and welcome once again to my Site gets.pk this Article is for which is the best DSLR camera in the market Canon Vs Nikon in Pakistan India

Better DSLR Canon or Nikon

Best selling body Canon Nikon

I understand the terror other place in the market but we know that the bus is all about Canon and Nikon so I thought the best way to compare is to compare the best selling body of the Canon versus the best selling body of Nikon

Best picture clicked Canon & Nikon

Picture clicked with Nikon body is usually more sharper because of the more pixels when compared to an equivalent Canon body coming to the ISO move to the Nikon body is perform better than Canon in low light conditions generally the Nikon bodies are better than Canon body full of you think when the result is so clear then why do some people still use Canon inside there is a lot of people using Canon especially the professional that should be something the Canon is making with Nikon is not able to make

Better lenses canon or nikon

canon 70 - 200mm f2.8Yes the lens important to create the shop images have you seen this lens it’s a Canon 70-200 f 2.8 one of the Canon superhit super successful else it’s been ages since this length is in the market and Nikon is still not able to create a lens which is even close to this 70-200 f 2.8 has been the best available lens for photo shoots and weddings and it has been is replaceable

I have no idea why Nikon is not able to produce 1 / I’m shooting this video with v e m f 1.8 Canon Prime lens and believe me it costs around 6000 rupees it’s a favourite among the photographers for beginners and want to get into portrait photography Nikon accoland cost more than the price so there are so many lenses with Canon manufacturers and other manufacturers are not able to match up with DU plessis professional you would want to use certain type of lenses to get certain type of job that Canon wide variety of lenses lenses perform amazingly well also there are certain Prime lenses and micro lenses available in canon and they just don’t exist in econ there are so many companies which manufacture lenses and flashes and so many things so surprising be there is the conversion way before and nikon version is being released in the market because of so many reasons it becomes very frustrating ties despite the have a very solid Nikon DSLR call it even better

Than the Canon body which one should you buy a Nikon DSLR Canon DSLR it depends on what you want to do with that if you are the professional who are into wedding send photo shoots and portraits in oil then I think the better option to go to the Canon only because of the variety of the lenses available for general use it it usually doesn’t matter but if I have to pick one then I would probably pick the Nikon DSLR

Also i suggest Nikon to the street photography with the combination of any good standard length because of the amazing dynamic range Nikon body is best suited for landscape wildlife in sports the fee so I may not be able to suggest you on that one if you really know what you want to do with the day so you gonna buy it will be easy for you to decide if you want to buy the DSLR body along with the kit lens or Gita them separately for that specific usage I hope this Article help you to take a better decision if you are get to buy a new DSLR if you want to know more about Better DSLR Canon or Nikon Will soon update here Thank you for visiting our website!

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