How to check Zong Sim card Number free- Zong Number Check

check Zong sim number without balanceNowadays according to my observation people do not know their own Sim card number. I think this is a big problem for those who do not know his Sim number or facing the problem during to find-out his/her number. After seeing this major problem i am going to guide you about Zong number check. This is the step by step complete guide to check the Zong Sim card number.

How to check Zong Sim card Number – Zong Number Check

According to my experience, Zong gives you a better customer administration as compared to the other networks existing in the market. So, Zong, all instructions are easy to understand.So presently in this article we will talk about how to check Zong number without paying any charges. So following is the complete guide to check the zong sim card number. Just read the following steps carefully and follow them. After reading these simple steps you will be able to check Zong sim number. Here are the two methods to check the zong number. i will explain one by one both methods.

Method #1 Zong Number Check

  • First of all pick up your phone
  • Dila *100#
  • Select the free MSG and send it to a NUMBER
  • Now u can see your Number ( in the phone that u have sent MSG)

So this is the first method through this you can easily check you zong sim card number. So now its time to share the second method with my dear visitors 

Method #2 Zong Number Check

If the above method will not work for you then this method is for you. Just follow the simple steps and you will be able to check your zong number with this method

  • Dial *8# and just press the call button
  • After pressing you will be able to see your zong number onto your screen 
  • If you can't see your number then read the below note

Note :  One thing you need to remember is that t will possible that the codes is different for different areas so don't worry the solution is here

You need to try this method with different numbers such as  *9#,*8#,*7#6,*5#,*4#,*3#,*2#,*1#,*0#   I hope you understand all about this method.

Final Words

As you know that is an informative platform. You will get all the information about education, technology, Prize bonds and other information that are necessary for you. So these are the methods to check the zong number. I hope you like these methods about Zong number check. If you have any question or any problem related to this article you feel free to drop a comment below, we will share our knowledge with you and give you the better response as we love our visitors most.

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