Prize Bond Draw Complete list 2017 – 2018

Prize Bond draw is an investment bearer type of security that is available with the amount starting from 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000 and this year Ishaq dar also started bearer cheque of 40000 rupees of prize bond. The method of prize bond draw is there are series and state bank has to give one less than a million bonds.

State bank of Pakistan Prize Bond Draw

There is no fixed return State bank will give to the prize bond holder. But, also there will be a prize when the name came in a draw. The holding  of draw is as common as another drawing method, for example, if 50 series of Rs 200 draw prize are in the circulation then each draw will be 50 winners of number one first prizes and 150 winners of second prize and so on. So, Prize bond is the only scheme that can made rich to poor people within night.

Prize Bond Draw Result list 2017 - 2018This prize bond saving scheme and other schemes are mad by Government of Pakistan to engage as many people as they can. Because this is the only way one can be rich within one night and there will be no blame of anything like people wanted to be rich within hours by smuggling, looting someone or being corrupt. You can check the ‘prize bond draw ‘ two times in single month. We always update the every prize bond lucky draw to mention the series of the bond that got the number in prize series.

Many people asked the same question as I mentioned in many of my post. What will be the prize of 200 prize bond if you got first prize. I am going to mention the first prize of 200 rupees bond, 750 rupees bond first prize, 7500 rupees bond first prize, 7500 rupees bond first prize, 1500 rupees bond first prize, 15000 rupees bond first prize and no the Minister of defense and saving also inaugurate the prize bond of 40,000 rupees and so on we will give you the first prize of this amount of rupee also.

Story of Prize bonds 

Here I am going to narrate the full story of prize bond winning,prize bond draw and prize bond result in this post. What is prize bond when someone wants to purchase that bond? For example if I want to purchase a prize bond of Rs 200 rupees. What should i have to do, should I go to any government bank just purchased or there are some registered bonds they are authorize to give prize bond. Yes there are some authorized authorities or banks that are allowed to register the series of prize bond. After that there is lucky draw held in every quarter. Here telling the lucky draw of Rs 100 rupees. In lucky draw of prize bond Rs 100 rupees there must be one first prize of amount 700,000 rupees and three, second prize of amount 200,000 rupees and about 1199 number of prizes of 3rd prize amount 1000 rupees. This was all about Rs 100 rupees prize.

Prize bond draws amount of Rs 200 rupees bond is different and of course higher than 100 rupees bond. There is one first prize of amount 750,000, five prizes of 250,000 rupees and 2394 prizes of 1250 rupees. “Prize bond draw amount of Rs 750 is much higher than 200 rupees bond draw obviously. There is one 1500,000 amount of first prize, second prize are about 3 of amount 500,000 and third prize is about 1696 of 9300 rupees each.

So, the amount of first prize of 7500 prize bond is 15000,0000 and second prize have total number 3 with amount 5000,000 with third prize of number 1696 with amount 93000 rupees. In prize bond of 1500 rupees lucky draw and result will be much higher one can expect. First prize of this draw will be 3000,000 second prize will be 1000,000 with total number of three and 3rd prize is about 18500 with number 1696.

There are much more complication if you got your series of bond in a draw more than 10000. While cashing the prize bond you have to suffer more than when your prize bond was not getting hit on any amount of bond. So, amount of 15000 can reach more to your dreams if you got your series of bond in lucky draw.

The first prize of this bond will be about 30,000,000. Second prize of this bond having number of three lucky persons will be about 10,000,000. So, the lucky draw of 3rd prize in that series is more than any other up till series of bonds. The amount 3rd prize winner will get is 185000. The prize of bond 25000 the many rich people hold the bond of this amount to be wealthier than they are. Draw of this prize bond the first prize will be about 50,000,000. Second prize will be about 15000, 000; the third prize is more than the first prize of Rs: 200 rupees bond that is 312000.

Punjab government and Pakistan state and economical department has launched the amount of 40000 bond. This is called premium bond. The rules and regulation and Prize if you are not getting hit in any number of prizes are different than any other previous mentioned bonds. First prize of this amount of bond is 75,000,000 the second prize is 25,000,000, and the third prize is about 500,000.

Prize bonds series,

Previously there are more fraud are coming in the news regarding prize bond in Pakistan. When a person got two first prizes of two consecutive numbers that was the history no one got such level of prize bond in Pakistan. When this news becomes the headline of every newspaper then officials also came to respond on that matter. Two officials of SBP Insisted that there is nothing like fraud in these series of prize bond.There are total six series of bonds in Pakistan prize bond market. Each has four prize bond draw mean there is draw result about 24 times in one year. The process of finding the lucky draw previously was some handicapped children took the number from the cube. Now this is going scientific, the machine has to finalize the digit and that digit printed in Newspaper. So, all the draw ceremony is being filmed. One more thing I want to mention regarding Prize bond draw and result.

You can give back to that prize bond if you think you need money urgently. The prize bond is like gold or saved money anytime you can get back that amount of money. As i mentioned above to getting the prize bond winning cash is so much difficult in Pakistan. One has to visit the SBP and the field officer of SBP in Punjab is just in 16 cities So, technically if one person from a remote area got the series number in lucky draw he has to visit the city by traveling hundreds of miles from that remote area.

List of Prize bond Draw’s

  1. 100
  2. 200
  3.  750
  4. 7500
  5. 1500
  6. 25000
  7. 40000

This rule should be taken in deep eyes, because when this was made cities were much closed a 10,000 amount was considered a big money. So, there should be amount of 500, 00 to get that money from any SBP local bank within 6 years of the lucky draw held. Giving the money to lucky draw holder should be easy not like creating trouble to them. As these rules creating problem. The number of people that are taking prize bond is very low in Pakistan as compared to other countries. The reason is very simple when you got no confidence over transparency of your authorities you will not take any of your amount custody. You can visit our website to get the complete list of Prize bond draw and prize bond results two times in one month.

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