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PTCL is is the most popular and the first Telecom company that is providing height PTCL Internet Packages to their users. PTCL providing Internet in the reasonable price that is the good opportunity for the regular internet users. The PTCL has improved its service for the customers and provide the best internet service in the Pakistan as compared to the other service providers. PTCL has launched some awesome services such as EVO CharJi and CharJi LTE Tab along with 100 Mb high speed internet. So today here i will share all ptcl internet packages that will help you in choosing the best internet packages.

PTCL Internet Packages and Prices 2017

PTCL Internet PackagesPTCL Internet Packages are shared below with complete details about charges, bandwidth and subscription fees. This is what you need to know about PTCL internet packages. So choose the package that will suits your budget.

PTCL Broadband Economy Packages

This economy packages are for those who want to surf limited internet with high speed in low prices. I will suggest these packages are best for those people who spend a little time on internet.

1 Mbps Economy Package

Monthly ChargesData VolumeInstallation Charges 
Rs. 59910GB Download Limit**Rs. 1,500

2 Mbps Economy Package


Monthly ChargesData VolumeInstallation Charges 
Rs. 75015GB Download Limit**Rs. 1,500


PTCL Broadband Packages for Students

The PTCL provides high speed internet package in reasonable prices for students in Pakistan. As you know well that PTCL service is available in more than 2000 cities in the Pakistan. 

1 Mbps Student Package

Monthly ChargesData VolumeInstallation Charges 
Rs. 1,299Unlimited*Rs. 1,500

2 Mbps Student Package

Monthly ChargesData VolumeInstallation Charges 
Rs. 1,549Unlimited*Rs. 1,500


PTCL 4 Mbps Package

The PTCL Broadband 4Mb Package is best package for those who want to enjoy unlimited internet. PTCL broadband 4mb complete package details are given below you can choose this if you want fast and unlimited internet.

Monthly ChargesData VolumeInstallation Charges 
Rs. 2,100Unlimited*Rs. 1,500


PTCL Broadband Packages with High Speed

Big Firm has committed to provide good internet services to Pakistani people but there are many problem due to this the commitment will not be fullfill. But here we will see the high speed internet packages with their complete details.

Broadband PackagesMonthly ChargesData VolumeInstallation Charges
8 MbpsRs. 3,000UnlimitedRs. 2,500
12 MbpsRs. 4,000UnlimitedRs. 2,500
16 MbpsRs. 5,000UnlimitedRs. 2,500
20 MbpsRs. 6,000UnlimitedRs. 2,500
30 MbpsRs. 7,500UnlimitedRs. 2,500
50 MbpsRs. 10,000UnlimitedRs. 2,500
100 MbpsRs. 20,000UnlimitedRs. 2,500

PTCL broadband Corporate Packages

This package is highly recomended for those people who will involve video conferences, multi media usage or live updates of applications.

Business DSL Premium Package

PackageSpeedMonthly Charges
Business – 256256 Kbps11,999
Business – 384384 Kbps15,499
Business – 512512 Kbps19,499
Business – 768768 Kbps24,499
Business – 10241024 Kbps32,999
Business – 15361536 Kbps45,999
Business – 20482048 Kbps56,299


One-Time Charges

  1. Installation and Line Charges –– Rs 750
  2. Security Deposit equal to one-month accusations that are Refundable 

PTCL Internet Packages Complete Details

So guys these are the complete details about PTCL internet packages. I think these are the best packages with high speed internet in reasonable prices. PTCL designed alot of handsome packages for everyone such as students or employee or a complete firm. The best thing is that everone can easily choose a package according to his/her budget. So i hope you like these useful information about PTCL internet packages. If you still have any question in mind feel free to tell us or if not then kindly gave us a feedback by just drop a comment below. On the daily basis we will share many useful info. here so keep visiting us for such a nice material. Thank you for visiting Us 🙂

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