Ramadan Sehri-o-Iftar timings Islamabad 2018

Muslims, Ramadan is a holy month and full of blessings in which Muslims offer prayer according to the time. Muslims also go for Quran recitation, meditation, and fasting but only during the sunlight hours. Ramadan is a ninth month of the Islamic record in which Prophet Muhammad has revealed a holy book for Muslims which is QURAN.

 Monday considers the start of Ramadan, a monthlong fast seen by most of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims. Fasting during the holy month is most important in one of the five pillars of Islam. In this month of Ramadan, Muslims also distribute some charity as a “zakat” for more accepting more blessings in return.


ramadan timings islamabad 2018

 Although, during the time of fasting Muslims do not allow to eat, drink, or make themselves engage in other sexual activities. Every religion has its own perspectives. Muslims believes that in this month of Ramadan they can wipe out their sins easily by asking the forgiveness to Allah.

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 Muslims all over the world follow the Ramadan calendar to get the details about the timings of Sehr-o-Iftar. Here we will give you the details information about the Ramadan Sehr-o-Iftar timings Islamabad 2018. As the different regions or areas of a country have different schedules. So here we specifically focus on the details about the Ramadan Sehr-o-Iftar timings Islamabad 2018. Also, the Ramadan calendar 2018 is going to be announced soon in which you may find all the Sehr-o-Iftar information. In Pakistan, so many calendars are now available and starting to distribute in every mosque before the start of Ramadan.

7:04 pm03:28 am17 May1
7:05 pm03:27 am18 May2
7:05 pm03:26 am19 May3
7:06 pm03:25 am20 May4
7:07 pm03:24 am21 May5
7:07 pm03:23 am22 May6
7:08 pm03:22 am23 May7
7:09 pm03:22 am24 May8
7:09 pm03:21 am25 May9
7:10 pm03:20 am26 May10
7:11 pm03:19 am27 May11
7:11 pm03:19 am28 May12
7:12 pm03:18 am29 May13
7:13 pm03:17 am30 May14
7:13 pm03:17 am31 May15
7:14 pm03:16 am01 June16
7:15 pm03:16 am02 June17
7:15 pm03:15 am03 June18
7:16 pm03:15 am04 June19
7:16 pm03:14 am05 June20
7:17 pm03:14 am06 June21
7:17 pm03:14 am07 June22
7:18 pm03:13 am08 June23
7:18 pm03:13 am09 June24
7:19 pm03:13 am10 June25
7:19 pm03:13 am11 June26
7:20 pm03:12 am12 June27
7:20 pm03:12 am13 June28
7:20 pm03:12 am14 June29
7:21 pm03:12 am15 June30

However, different cities have different timing according to the sighting of the moon. Though, the calendar for Ramadan Sehr-o-iftar timings Islamabad 2018 has been ready to reveal now. In which the people of that city will readily recognize the date and time of the Ramadan.

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Ramadan is the main thing to get rid of your previous sins easily. Muslims also believes in the statement that in this holy month of Ramadan, the devil keeps locked until the Ramadan ends. And because of this Muslims can strongly offer prayer and Quran without any interrupt of a devil.

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